Lead Gen/Email + Marketing Automation


To succeed today, you need quality target companies, contacts, leads, personas — as well as an effective marketing plan to rise above the noise of your competitors and other advertising.

BrandStar tech leverages the power of digital marketing, omni-channel communication, and business intelligence and analysis to expand the effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams. We work with you to understand your ideal customer profile and build static and real time surge/intent-based lists that provide you an ongoing source of targeting for all your marketing efforts.


If you’re taking a one size fits all approach to your e-mail marketing, not analyzing your results, and failing to use all the tools that are available, you might as well be flushing your marketing dollars down the toilet.

“BrandStar Tech lead generation efforts thrive on innovative and unique approaches to identify the right people to target on the right device with the right message delivered at the right time.”Cold e-mailing via sales engagement tools, data enrichment / list appending for lead personalization, campaign based marketing automation, integration with CRM solutions, detailed analysis of results, content marketing, and omni-channel marketing with voice, social media, search, e-mail, print, TV, etc. will help you meet your goals every time.

Go beyond just buying lists and move toward a results approach to ongoing success.


The wide range of options, mediums, and tools to reach prospects often create paralysis of even the most experienced marketers. You need to be able to move intelligently, but quickly as opportunities surface. The landscape is always changing and your marketing efforts need to adapt to those changes.

BrandStar Tech can serve not only as an ongoing source for leads, but also as a part of your revenue generation team to quickly build a marketing mix best suited to your product and customer personas. We can leverage or implement a CRM and analytics platform to give you real time visibility to all your marketing efforts so you can act nimbly, as needed.

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