Why Content Creators Should Care About OTT


Published by: Abe White, Director of New Media, BrandStar Tech

With every new technological advancement, comes new ways to market and advertise, and new audiences to be reached. These advancements are at your disposal, and are becoming more and more accessible to businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes. To stay relevant and competitive, brands must evolve with the technologies, and utilize the tools and resources that come with them–particularly as that’s what consumers are doing.

When television first came on the scene, it completely changed the way we consume content, and how companies advertised and reached consumers. As media scholar and philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, famously noted, “the medium is the message.” The nature of a medium, and how it is received and consumed, is as important, perhaps even moreso, than the actual content itself. You can easily observe this the next time you’re in a public space. Look at all of the people interacting with their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This has become the way of the world, and it’s not just limited to handheld devices. It has found its way into our living rooms in the form of smart TVs–changing the very nature of TV itself. People are cutting ties with the television of old and receiving their content through the internet by way of streaming and downloads. It’s Over-the-Top Television, and it’s the next big technological advancement. If you want your brand and your content to be seen, you’ll want to be a part of it.

The Future Is Here

Don’t let the name “Over-the-Top Television” throw you. It’s not just a variation on television programming; it is the future of all online streaming services. It’s any type of video distribution supported by the internet. This is typically in the form of apps–apps that let us attend trade shows, seminars, events, and do our shopping–all virtually and instantly (and yes; that let us watch any shows or videos we want at the press of a button).

But apps are nothing new, so what makes OTT different? In our instant gratification society, everything has become increasingly on-demand, just to stay viable and competitive, but OTT bridges the gap between instantaneous and comfort. These apps have found their way onto television sets, making their use all the more easier as consumers kick back on their couches. In addition, they’ve found their way onto more and more television sets. As the usage of OTT services continues to rise, it has presented unique and lucrative opportunities.

Think of it as a sort of personalized YouTube or Netflix–one that can be designed specifically for your business. For your brand. For you. Your design aesthetic. Your content. Your audience (and perhaps an audience you didn’t even know you had). With consumers being able to control what, how, and when they watch more than ever before, OTT services allow you to have a direct line to audiences who may be looking specifically for what you provide, and who want that content now. If you’re not providing it to them, your competition probably is.

Show Me The Benefits

Still wondering why you should care about Over-the-Top Television? Because, and I’ll make this very easy on you, regardless of whether you’re a business, a brand, a personality, or all of the above, OTT services are right for you. Every industry has consumers who are rapidly switching to a lifestyle that is largely dependent upon streaming and downloading content. By not delivering through this medium, there are no two ways about it: you are missing out on expanding your audience and reaching a wide swath of potential customers. OTT services give you the ability to create the content your audience wants, and on the platform they want it on. And here’s the best part: it’s easy and affordable to do, and, even better, it’s self-sustaining. Consumers being in control of what content they view, how they view, and when they view it ensures a steady, constant demand for content production. There will always be a need for more content.

With a marginal cost to you, this means a strong ROI, with no sacrificing your creative vision  and no sharing of profits. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are unquestionably useful tools for any business, but they take a healthy cut of any revenue your content generates through them. OTT services allow you to create your own platform, removed from these huge third-party hosts. With this comes immense freedom. You are free to create a user experience that looks and feels how you want and that reflects what your brand is all about. You are free to set prices that you feel comfortable with–without being restricted by advertiser guidelines.

OTT’s ease, accessibility, and large audience reach all contribute to a more reliable and consistent source of income for you. The video content you create–whether in the form of product demonstrations, seminars, trainings, walkthroughs, or whatever works for your brand–become products themselves. Consumers have the option to subscribe to them, and income is generated through these subscriptions.

Get In On The OTT Revolution!

Knowing how best to use the OTT technological advancements will provide limitless opportunities. The revolution is here, and you don’t want to let it pass you by. Let our experts help take your brand to the next level. 

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