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Published by: Abe White, Director of New Media, BrandStar Tech

2020 has provided no shortage of challenges for businesses all around the world, but if there’s a silver lining, it’s that these unique challenges have created unique opportunities. Though at times it may seem as if the world has stalled, business never stops. Companies are finding new ways to engage with partners, consumers, and each other in an effort to stay involved, informed, connected, and able to continue providing their products and services to a world that still needs them.

Though in-person events and physical interactions have become more difficult, the desire and the need for connection has not faltered. If anything, it has strengthened as a result of these difficulties. Herein lies a great opportunity to adapt and go virtual.

Creating Value in the Virtual

While nothing can take the place of meeting in person and face-to-face interactions, we have to accept that things are different, and there is value to be found in alternatives, if you’re open to them. We’re fortunate enough to have technology that allows for, essentially, any event to be made virtual, and with that comes functions and features not readily available outside of virtual events. There are certain advantages that only virtual events can provide. For now, it’s the “new normal,” and for businesses to stay competitive, it’s essential to not only utilize this technology, but to create value in it for their business partners and consumers. The good news is that this is not difficult to do. There is a lot of inherent value in making your events virtual. So, while this may come as a big change for some, remember that change is necessary for growth. It’s important to focus on the benefits of going virtual and how to get the most out of it that you can.

Go Virtual, Save Money

At a time when companies really need to be mindful of their expenditures, while still remaining involved and providing great content and updates, anything that can save some money goes a long way. Virtual events satisfy both of these needs. Think of all of the expenses that go into a live event: staffing, setup, venue rental, food, hotels (if applicable), and travel costs. These are expenses that you don’t have to budget for with virtual events. The only real cost to you is on your virtual meeting platform, and that is a worthwhile one. You’ll find that, with good, clear audio, high quality video, the ability to record for future reference, security from hackers and “Zoom bombers”, and additional supportive features, that a robust virtual meeting service can give attendees as much–perhaps even more–value than live events can. And these savings don’t just apply to you. They can be presented as a value to your attendees, as they will also be saving on a lot of the same costs.

Freedom and Flexibility

At live events, there is–more or less–a rigidly structured agenda and singular experience. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t allow for a high level of immersion, connection, and engagement. By going virtual, you, as well as your attendees, can create a unique, desired experience. Everything about it is highly customizable–from the space itself, and the freedom to broadcast and attend from just about anywhere, to different language options, to the various interactive features which can create a much more personal experience. Attendees can drop in and out as they’d like, choose from a broader variety of content, record segments for future viewing (particularly useful if they have a schedule conflict), seamlessly network and interact with other attendees, and provide real-time feedback, which is also incredibly useful for you. The fact that you are giving your consumers, business partners, and coworkers this kind of freedom reflects highly on you, in that you still very much want to be there for them in these times and that you have their best interests in mind.


Refining the “Now” to Look Ahead

Like hosting any sort of professional event, working in the virtual space takes some practice. It’s a matter of exploring around on your platform, and getting comfortable and well-versed with its features. This will not only help you become more confident as you present, but will allow you to assuredly relay these features to your attendees and field any related questions they may have, ensuring they get the best experience possible. Not only is this useful (and necessary) during these times, but putting in the practice now will help you apply all the benefits of virtual events into the future as well. At the end of the day, going virtual is much better than cancelling events altogether.

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