Generating Quality Leads During COVID-19


Published by: Eric Goldstein, Director of Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation, BrandStar Tech

As a business in an ever-changing world, you will face challenges. Plenty of them. And while 2020 has certainly provided no shortage of challenges for businesses, and the world at large, adapting to face and overcome these challenges is what makes a business stronger, more efficient, and more resilient to keep doing what they do in the face of future adversities. These challenges should be seen more as opportunities. If you can reach, connect, and grow your audience during times like these, then you will be all the more equipped to face any sort of unpredictability. Here, we’ll focus on using these unprecedented times as an opportunity to adjust and strengthen your lead generation strategies.

Present Yourself With Empathy

There has been a lot of talk about empathy this year, and there is no reason your business should be absent from this conversation. Focusing on customer experience is always a necessary step in developing a lead generation strategy, but perhaps more so now than ever. During these times, consumers need reassurance. Reassurance that your company understands what they are going through, and that you are there for them, beyond just wanting to make a sale. As we are all experiencing the same struggles and uncertainties, this kind of connection can be extremely powerful, and offers you the chance to relate to customers on a deeper level.

So how does this apply to lead generation? Your approach needs to be more personal. Make an emotional connection. Whether through phone or email, remember it is a person you are reaching out to, so make them feel as such, as opposed to just a number on a generic list or simply another deal to be closed. You should be reaching out to see how things are going and let them know how you have been responding to the pandemic. This can be as simple as including a “How are you doing?” along with whatever promotion you are employing. The goal is to communicate that your company, and your brand, is there for them, without necessarily expecting anything in return. Yes, you want to generate new leads and gain their business, but without making them feel like they are just simply being sold to. Promote feelings of positivity and confidence through engaging content, prompt responses and feedback, and providing incentives to prospects who engage with you. This will link feelings of positivity with your brand and will facilitate trust among your prospects. If you are there for consumers, they will trust you and will respond positively in kind.

Create and Offer Digital Experiences

COVID-19 has largely confined people to their homes, and as the need for connection grows stronger, and more are working remotely from home, people are spending more time online now than ever. Knowing this, it’s important to create a strategy (and a budget) that emphasizes digital experiences to generate leads.

It’s about adapting. Any events or promotions that were cancelled or postponed can easily be adjusted to a digital format. This is mutually beneficial for you and your prospects, as it allows you to reach them where they are, while providing them with a safe, positive experience that is a nice break from the same and provides some semblance of normalcy. Trade shows, conferences, summits, and any other type of promotional event can be done virtually. And don’t forget about webinars. They were practically made for these times. They are one of the most effective ways to address and educate an entire list of prospects about a product or service in one go. Not only that, but a big reason why they are so effective is their interactive element. They provide a unique opportunity for consumers and prospects to openly engage and interact with you in real-time, asking questions and providing feedback. Again, this creates a rewarding feeling for your audience, while allowing you to learn more about who they are (which helps to create a steady pipeline of leads), and getting a chance to proactively address any issues or concerns that may be brought up.

Re-Evaluate Your Website

With a dramatic increase in the amount of people online, and the time they are spending online, it’s as good a time as any to take a look at your website and see what’s working and what isn’t. Analyze your site to see which pages generate the most traffic and outreach. For such an accessible resource, website analytics can be incredibly useful in reaching and converting leads. If you find some pages performing better than others, add calls-to-action or lead generation forms onto them. This will not only give you more leads, but better leads, as you know it is something a lot of people are genuinely interested in. Conversely, if certain pages aren’t getting the reach you’d like, perhaps the content on them just needs more promoting or updating–such as video demonstrations/walkthroughs, a webinar, or a design refresh.

Adapt and Succeed

Through hardships, we gain strength. Innovations, inventions, and advancements have all been borne in the most difficult times in human history. It’s all about your outlook. It’s not about seeing the glass half empty or half full, but knowing that the glass can be refilled. Embrace these challenges as an opportunity to grow as a company, as a brand, and as an individual. Use them to come out stronger on the other side. We can help you stay connected to your audience–and innovate upon your marketing efforts–to ensure you maintain, and expand upon, your generated leads. If you have any questions about our lead generation services, or would like more information, please contact us HERE or at (844) 200-2525.

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